On this page you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding parking at Graz Airport.


Can I cancel or rebook the parking lot?

The respective terms and conditions of the parking space operator apply. A rebooking is possible up to the day of booking for free,

it will be charged only a reservation fee.


Do I reserve a specific parking space?

No, you only reserve a parking space in the parking lot of your choice. We guarantee that the parking space has free parking spaces.


How do I get to the parking lot?

For entrance with license plate: You drive with your vehicle to the entry of the booked parking lot, the barrier recognizes your license plate 
and gives you a ticket to the security at the entrance column, as soon as you deduct this it opens.

How do I get out of the parking lot?

You go with the vehicle to the exit, where again their license plate is recognized and the barrier opens.


What happens if I exceed the booked parking time?

In this case, the time parked for longer will be debited from the credit card or debit card in the reader, either with your parking ticket at the 
cash machine or directly at the exit gate in accordance with the tariff notice valid for the respective car park. The billing is usually done
every hour or should it be longer in the hourly and hourly rate. On request, receive a receipt for this payment process directly at the exit
gate as a receipt.


What do I do if there are problems at the parking lot barrier?

At all entrance and exit barriers there is a help button that connects you to our parking control center. It is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please describe your problem to the employee.


Do I have to pull a parking ticket at the entrance?

You only need the vehicle you have announced with the appropriate license plate number. Which number you have specified when making 
the reservation is stated on the confirmation mail sent to you. If you accidentally read any other than the booked license plate on your
parking ticket, please contact the garage cashier immediately. Please note that in this case a parking fee may be due.


Do I have to drive out to the cash machine?

Only in case of a longer parking space than booked in advance.


What if the parking is on "occupied"?

You can still drive in with the entry medium you have selected. You are guaranteed that a parking space is free for you, even if the ad

should be set to "busy".


What happens if I want to drive in before the booked entry time?

Prior to your booked entry time there is a 30 minute grace period during which your reservation / booking will be recognized.


What happens if I have drawn a parking ticket on arrival?

In any case, you must drive in using the license plate number you have specified. Otherwise, the exit using an entrance ticket is not possible. Please drive off again and again. Please note that in this case a parking fee may be due. For safety reasons, please use your parking ticket before leaving for the pay station.


What happens if I am late and can not meet the booked arrival time?

After your booked entry time, the reserved parking space will be available until the expiry of the booking time reserved by you


Is it sufficient to use the EC or credit card only at the exit?

Only in case of a longer parking space than booked in advance.


Can I move in and out of the parking lot several times during the booked parking time?

No, the authorization is only valid for driving once and leaving the parking lot.


Is there a refund if I go out earlier than booked?

No, no refunds are possible.


Can I get an invoice?

Yes, with the confirmation email you will receive an invoice in pdf-format. To read the bill you need the free Acrobat Reader available on the Internet.


What happens if I forget my password?

In this case, you can use the function "Forgot your password?" Your password can be sent to the email stored in the system. We recommend that you change your password afterwards.


What happens if the license plate I have chosen as an entry ticket no longer exists at the time of entry?

Please note that both the entrance and the exit require the registered license plate to open the barrier. If your registration number has changed, you can announce a new registration number by e-mail to apg@apcoa.at with your booking confirmation. Please use only the new license plate for entry and exit.